Creative Profile - Jack Tan

Jack is the founder of Fetish Lab - a creative agency that produces audacious interactive experiences for people who hates advertising. He is a creative who wants to produce work that is audacious and purposeful. Creating experiences that are worth telling stories can liberate a brand - this has always been his approach in all his work and thinking. Furthermore, we are in an exciting time to innovate through technology led by creativity and good design.

Discover hits created for brands such as Hermès, Nike, Tokyobike and Mini. Projects ranging from live guerrilla gigs by the Tokyobike Carol Robots, website/animation editor for Maki-San(Singapore’s first customisable maki sushi restaurant), a Gif film festival where you can make your own gif movie, an online charity drive that utilises twitter for Salvation Army, an interactive retail booth for Nike where you navigate through contents by controlling a physical football to an anti anti-social app for a cafe. Do check out the critically acclaimed Kinetic website where each page represents a story, blending in history, philosophy, lunch obsessions and what the agency represent and does daily in one frenzied publication. He recently released the strangest lottery number generator app and is currently producing a heavy metal project titled Heavy Mental, an app where one could resurrect the brain with mad maths and eclectic exercises.

Prior to Fetish Lab, he has worked at various agencies including Wieden+Kennedy and Kinetic. He has over 60 industry accolades including Cannes Lions, Creative Circle, Clio, D&AD, One Show, Spikes, Webby, YoungGuns and the FWA. He enjoys learning new things, consuming popular culture, night runs and cycling.



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